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  Women Self-Defence

Side Headlock
Step by Step

This defense is used when an attacker grabs you in a side headlock and both hands are free. For demonstration, the left side is used.

  • The attacker grabs the victim in a side headlock and tries to drag or pull the victim. In this case, the defender's left hand is behind the attacker and the right hand is in front.

  • Powerfully strike the attacker's groin with the an open right hand . This makes sure that the vital point is not missed.

  • Grab the attacker's hair or collar (whichever is easier) and strongly pull the attacker to the ground.

  • Once the attacker is on the floor, use a powerful axe kick aimed at the lower chest or ribs.

  • Leave the scene calmly and quickly to avoid another attack. Be aware for additional attackers.

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