The Way

Good fortune comes from integrity and frugality.

Virtue comes from humbling oneself and being modest.

The way comes from peace and serenity and life comes from the heart that is mild and transparent.

Anxiety comes from over-selfishness and misfortune from covetousness.

Mistakes come from rashness and haughtiness and wrong doing from not being humane and benevolent.

One's eyes always should be careful not to see the wrongs of others.

One's lips should be careful not to talk of the flaws of others.

One's mind always should be careful not to be recklessly covetous and get angry.

One should not recklessly engage in non-beneficial talk nor in matters of no concern to oneself.

One should highly regard the head of state be filial pious to one's parents, respect the old look up to people of virtue, distinguish between benevolent people and foolish ones and be forgiving instead of scolding ignorant people.

If affairs find their way to you in an orderly manner, they are not to be rejected, and try to forget those matters which have already ended.

Even though one's body meets with misfortune and recovery becomes hard, do not be sorry for it and foolish in darkness and no matter how tight and complete the plan may be its necessary and essential convenience can be forgotten, or lost.

If one inflicts injury upon others, one inflicts damage as well upon oneself in the end and if one trusts and relies upon force, there will be mutual conflicts and trouble follows.

Being cautions is within the heart and sustaining it is in the spirit.

If one does not economize, the house will collapse from within and if one does not have integrity, one will lose one's social position.

I dare advise you to bear this in mind in admiration and wonder forever throughout your life.

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