"Knowledge in the mind , honesty in the heart and strength in the body."

1. Who can study Tae Kwon Do?

Anyone can study Tae Kwon Do! Age, sex, physical condition, and body strength are not important. Everyone progresses at their own pace in our individualized program. In our school the competition is with yourself, not with others. Our only goal is that each day, when you leave, you are a little better than when you came.

2. What are the benefits of Tae Kwon Do?

Each student comes to training hoping to get something different from it. The pressures of daily life affect us all uniquely. Some of the benefits our students have reported receiving from their training are as follows

  • Children :

    We specialize in teaching young children ages four and up. The children we instruct come from all walks of life. The training they receive here gives them pride, discipline, self confidence and self respect. The shy, withdrawn child becomes more outgoing and confident. The aggressive child is calmer and more respectful of others.

    Parents today often have difficulty giving their children all the time they would like due to many factors. Here at Kim's Martial Art & Fitness Center, we seek to reinforce the important values that parents strive to teach their children. All of our students learn the Seven Home Rules for Children and then follow and use them as a guide for proper behavior both in the training hall and outside.

  • Teenagers :

    Today's teenagers face significant challenges in many forms. The pressures that arise from academic and athletic activities, peer pressure, and potential crime increase the amount of stress that a teenager can endure. Through the study of Tae Kwon Do, students can learn to maintain their composure during stressful situations in order to complete their established goals. Our reading program is integrated as part of the overall training so that student can be mentally and physically prepared to face a complex world.

  • Women :

    Today, women face increased pressure at home and on the job, as well as from the constant threat of crime. Physical fitness has never been more important, and making time for a good training program can improve both mental and physical helth. Good physical conditioning, however, must be combined with the ability to defend oneself. Tae Kwon Do teaches women that skill. With improved health, appearance, and self confidence derived from the study of Tae Kwon Do, today's women is better able to deal with the challenges at home, and in the street.

  • Men :

    All men benefit from the better health that results from a vigorous training program. In addition, Tae Kwon Do gives a man the sure knowledge that he is able to defend himself and his family. Tae Kwon Do also increases patience, self confidence, self control, and self discipline which helps men to deal with the stresses of life today.

  • The Mature Practitioner

    Age can be a state of mind if the body is maintained. Tae Kwon Do can help you to regain, maintain, and increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. Our program can be tailored to special situations such as arthritic conditions or back problems. Tae Kwon Do stresses self improvement over competition and so can be started at any stage of life.


3. How can I begin?

When you start, you attend special classes for beginners so that you can ease into the program slowly and safely. You do not need any previous experience in the martial arts nor must you be in top physical condition, for your program will be individualized to suit your situation. You progress at a pace consistent with your ability and level of fitness. You are neither moved too fast nor held back.

All beginner classes are now open. Offers for children's classes or family participation at special rates are being made. Individual memberships are also offered. Prices will vary from one plan to another; therefore, it is best to make an appointment to come in and evaluate the program.


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