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Daily Thoughts

For Children:

One life's plan is during childhood, one year's plan is in the spring, and a day's plan is in the morning. If you do not learn during childhood, you will be ignorant enough not to know anything in old age. And, if seeds are not sown in the spring, there will be no hope of gathering a harvest in the fall. If you do not get up early in the morning, you cannot decide what is to be done that day.

For Teenagers:

Reading books is fundamental to making a family rich and noble. Following principle is fundamental to keeping it so. Being frugal and diligent is fundamental to managing the household. And, being in harmony and obedient is fundamental to bringing peace to the house.

Problems with Video Game Use:

There are many problems that are caused by playing too many video games. Most commonly, focus problems in children develop because they become "addicted" to the fast moving pace of games. The pace allows children to concentrate on smaller bits of information in order to keep up with the game or other players. Children also tend to make gameplay the center of their entertainment, which takes away from other important aspects of life. Many study skills,  relationship skills, self control, discipline, and concentration skills are replaced by mastering video games and uncovering secrets within the game. Some of the more violent games can quietly desensitize the child to certain actions that are unacceptable in any social setting. The best way of changing this type of behavior is to limit the amount of gameplay time and encourage more reading and quality time with family and friends. By starting now, children can learn good habits that will help make their life successful in the future.

I want my students to:
  1. Be grateful that you are alive
  2. Always be warm-hearted
  3. Greet everyone warmly
  4. Appreciate the small things
  5. Read books when you have time
  6. When on the telephone, apologize for your mistakes
  7. Forgive someone else's mistakes when on the telephone
  8. Always smile
  9. Acknowledge your faults
  10. Don't hurt those weaker than you
  11. Forget matters that have ended
  12. Stay peaceful and clear as you get older
  13. Live a simple life
  14. Work hard as you own the business
  15. Practice what you preach
  16. Love everything, even the smallest wild flower
  17. When driving, appreciate other driver's courtesies
  18. Be grateful to your servers (in restaurants)
  19. Try your best to show love, even to those you dislike
  20. Think of the other person before you speak
  21. Show sincere praise often. A dolphin can learn tricks with a trainer's positive speech
  22. Be more giving, don't be greedy
  23. Try your best, no one is perfect
  24. Do the right thing. Doing wrong hurts others and yourself
  25. Don't simply read these ideas, put them into daily practice 


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