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Why I Respect My Parents

By Alexa Semonche

My parents are the only ones who can guide me through my childhood and future. Many experiences, losses, and gains have passed through their life and by experiencing them, they can inform me and give me advice for my many years to come. They are helping me climb the ladder of success, pushing and encouraging for me to take one more step each time there's a splinter or tack. My mom and dad are people in my life that I can trust and every dad are people in my life that I can trust and every day and support me more times that anyone could ever count, and that's why I respect them.

My mom and dad make me feel special and I am very grateful for that, and many other things. They shower me in love and tell me the truth, even if it isn't what I'm looking for. That makes me feel like I can put my full trust in them. My parents shelter me from danger and make sure that I'm happy and well nourished. I live in a large cozy house only because my parents are caring and loving and take great care of me. My dad cooks wonderful meals that make me hungry from just staring at them and has passed his cooking techniques to me, like to put the eggs in the frying pan before the cheese. My mom's chicken cacciatore is the best thing I can east after coming home after day at school. My parents provide me with large amounts of clothing that I love to wear and are just the right size. The school I go to and my music lessons are paid by my mom and dad, and without it, I wouldn't have great food, a nice warm shelter, beautiful clothing, or an education in academics, music, or Tae-Kwon-Do.

Sometimes their advice can be confusing, or even scary, but my parents have been through many things in their life that I can count on encountering, such as embarrossment. I can look up to them for advice for school, friends, or anything that's on my mind and bothering me. They don't lie to me and say that life will be easy. The give me the real truth and I love that.

My parents are the ones who I can trust and believe in. They're my eyes when I can't see, my map when I'm lost. I learn lots in just a day with my mom and dad telling me world events. I can tell that they love me and care for me, and aren't just some old folks who don't know anything about the modern world. They know more that any kid knows: more experiences. They are the only ones who can guide me through my life, and that's why I respect them.

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