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What has changed in my life due to Tae Kwon Do

By Richard R. Deraney

While that may seem like an easy question to answer, there is so much that goes through my mind when I think of this. I asked myself "Do I measure this in increments of the last 7 years or do I try to understand my life today?" Well the truth is I am not sure how to answer this question. It is very apparent that my life has changed but as I have come to this point in my life I realize that this is my journey. This is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. My heart has softened and my mind has grown. I look for the simple truths in my life. I understand now I do not need to live your life but to accept your life. I could not say that seven years ago. I was more concerned in trying to teach you what you should do instead of living what I am. Today I am a man of peace who believes in living today and accepting this very moment. I have no problems if I am here right now. I live today unconditionally and accept the moment for as they come. I have learned that every person in my life is a lesson. Here to teach me more of my journey. Here to enlighten me to me.

Recently I bought my wife a Hibiscus tree for her birthday. This tree blooms new flowers almost everyday. The beauty of this plant exemplifies to me the coming of each day. Why I pick this as an example is very simple. Everyday it blooms and everyday yesterdays' flowers are no more. This is life for me today. I cannot live in my yesterday but only in my today. The future is not here yet so I have no need to experience the future now. Just like this tree that blooms the most majestic flowers everyday and leaves the yesterday behind is how I can say Tae Kwon Do has changed my life.

It is now that I am learning, right here this very moment. That is peace for me in my life and that is why I know that the journey is a wonderful one. I look forward to each day as a new beginning, a new lesson. Some lessons may seem overwhelming if I look at it as a mountain. But God has taught me to carry one pebble at a time. Leave the mountain to Him.

Master Kim, thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You have a wonderful gift. A gift that will last many lifetimes in each soul you touch. God Bless You.

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